Give-Back Mission

It's been said that the best way to honor a Veteran is to hire one.

     At Assault Forward we love being a part of the Veteran entrepreneur movement because so many of our peers have incorporated a "give-back" mission into their companies.  We've always been supportive of our fellow Veterans and community and we were seeking a cause we could support that fit with what we were doing as a company.  There are undoubtedly many worthy causes from tackling Veteran homelessness to reducing the Veteran suicide crisis. 

     As our company started to grow and gain momentum we heard from customers that wearing our pins during their interviews as they transitioned from serving on active duty in the military to their civilian careers enabled them to share the story of their service and start a conversation with the interviewer, making a real connection.  Since Veterans experience a higher unemployment rate than the general population we thought that if our pins could help Veterans during their job search that was a great natural fit for us and a cause we could really get behind. 

     With that discovery, we started donating pins to transitioning service members.  The more pins we sell, the more we can donate to continue to support and grow this mission.  We've also created the opportunity for customers to donate a pin through a purchase on our website

Working together, we can make a positive impact and help the selfless Americans who have served our Country land on their feet after they hang up their uniform for the last time. 

 - Assault Forward

Speaking about transitioning Veterans