Donate a Pin to a Veteran
Donate a Pin to a Veteran

Donate a Pin to a Veteran

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"I remember my first interview after my service. I would love to get one these pins to wear while I am interviewing!" - S.M.

"I think these are great, especially for veterans who feel out of place in business attire." - C.L.

"This is so awesome. I just want one to wear In general not just to interview. Such a great item and confidence builder for transitioning veterans." - R.R.

Veterans continue to experience an unemployment rate higher than the general population. It sometimes can be difficult for a servicemember to discuss their time in the military or find a way to weave it into the discussion during the course of an interview. Assault Forward has partnered with our fellow Veteran Owned & Operated small business, Military Talent Partners (MTP), to give transitioning servicemembers an Assault Forward lapel pin to wear during their civilian interviews at no cost. MTP offers free mentorship to transitioning servicemembers. Wearing this forward-deployed-flag lapel pin will signify their military service and provide a conversation piece with the interviewer.

Assault Forward has already donated hundreds of pins and will continue to donate more.  We offer this opportunity for our amazing customers to help even more transitioning servicemembers share the story of their service.

*No physical product will be sent to you if you purchase this item. Your donation will be sent directly to a transitioning Veteran.

"Great ice breaker, I would love to have one!" - J.C.