Subdued American Flag Lapel Pin
Subdued American Flag Lapel Pin
Subdued American Flag Lapel Pin
Subdued American Flag Lapel Pin

Subdued American Flag Lapel Pin

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The waving red, white, and blue flag pin that you see many politicians wearing these days are so disappointing. Most are made in China and instead of featuring engraving to get the details right they just have cheap paint on them usually with dots instead of stars. You don’t want that junk.

You love our great Nation, support American manufacturing, and want the real deal. Our American Flag lapel pin proudly answers the call. The metal has an antique silver finish to it with a black enamel fill to create the field behind the stars and alternating stripes. Striking detail in a small package that will start many conversations when you’re wearing it with pride, subtly promoting your patriotism and love of America. Details matter and we’re committed to getting them right. In addition to the standard issue metal clutch back, we include a rubber backing with every pin that helps prevent it from rotating when you’re wearing it.  0.5” x 1”

  • American Made for the highest quality and finest details (50 stars, 13 stripes, and proper dimensions of the flag per US Code).
  • Veteran Owned & Operated Company committed to supporting other Veteran entrepreneurs, service members transitioning from the military to the civilian world, and US production and jobs for all our products.
  • Each pin comes individually packaged for presentation and makes a unique and meaningful gift.
For those looking to purchase more than one lapel pin, we offer a three-pack at a quantity discount. Each pin comes individually packaged for quality presentation.
Or you can save even more when you buy the five-pack of American Flag lapel pins to share with your battle-buddies, co-workers, and teammates. 
Need even more for your business, non-profit, or school?  Please send us an email at - quantity discounts, customized packaging, and more are available for bulk orders.