The Title of "Veteran"


What does it mean to be a Veteran? The meaning of the word Veteran according to Merriam-Webster is 1) a former member of the armed forces; 2) an old Soldier of long service; and 3) a person of long experience usually in some occupation or skill (such as politics or the arts). The founders of Assault Forward are all Veterans and take great pride in the fact that we volunteered many times throughout our service to protect the freedoms of the United States. We are starting a movement to start a conversation about your service to members of the community that may not know what it means to be a Veteran.

Camaraderie is something we all miss from our time in the service. The brotherhood/sisterhood of serving is something that cannot be replicated in the “civilian world” and our products were made to show, in a subtle way, that we served and to strike up that conversation with other Veterans and civilians. We encourage our followers to help spread the word about Assault Forward and to continue to build this camaraderie in the “civilian world.”