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Assault Forward Announces Launch of Veteran Owned and Operated Company Focusing on American Made Professional Accessories

Veterans now have a way to display their pride of service in professional settings.

BETHESDA - July 11, 2018 – Assault Forward proudly announces the launch of their Veteran owned and operated e-commerce retail company featuring American made products. The company aims to help Veterans demonstrate their pride of service and share the story of their time in uniform in professional settings. Veterans, Active-Duty service members, and all patriotic Americans are invited to visit their website, to learn more about Assault Forward and the products they offer.

“Not all Veterans can wear a graphic t-shirt to work,” said Shah Chowdhury, Co-Founder of Assault Forward. “Our high-quality products featuring the iconic reverse American Flag design provide veterans a unique way to share the story of their service in the professional workplace.”

The reverse American flag design, with the field of stars on the right side, depicts the flag advancing into battle, charging ahead, assaulting forward. This is the way the flag patch is worn on the uniforms of service-members of the United States military in combat. Assault Forward believes that veterans in business continue to fight onward as they transition from the battlefield to the boardroom and serve in their communities. In addition to items with the reverse American flag design the company has also released a traditional forward-facing flag design lapel pin in the same unique and subdued antique silver and black finish and a special edition Veterans in Law Enforcement pin that features “The Thin Blue Line” in support of the police.

“We find that when wearing an Assault Forward pin on your credentials lanyard, bag, or suit people will ask you about it. ‘What does it mean when the flag is facing that way?’ or ‘Why is it backward?’ are the questions we hear about most.” Assault Forward Co-Founder Josh Mendoza said. “This opens the door to a great conversation and gives you the opportunity to identify yourself as a Veteran and make a meaningful connection with people.”

Assault Forward Core Principles:

· Made in America and Veteran Owned

· Support other Veterans in business and the community

· Be fanatical about the customer experience and customer satisfaction

· Strive towards continuous improvement

About Assault Forward

Assault Forward is an e-commerce focused retail company that offers lapel pins, cuff-links, tie-bars, and other accessories for veterans and patriotic Americans. The company was founded in 2018 by three former U.S. Army veterans who all deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq. They are committed to sourcing products made in America and partnering with other veteran-owned businesses. For more information about Assault Forward please visit and @AssaultFWD on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter