Episode 6: Military Connected Community Businesses, Part 1


Use discount code "AFPodcast" to save 15% off any order at www.assaultforward.us ! #WinningMatters starts off this weeks episode with a powerful quote from the 40th Chief of Staff of the Army.  


Esprit de corps - noun


a feeling of pride, fellowship, and common loyalty shared by the members of a particular group.


I have a lot of pride in the military connected community and the businesses and projects that they're passionate about.  We dive into some of our favorite Veteran Owned and Operated companies this week that we've personally purchased their products and tested out - and gone back for more because we believe in and support them - you'll want to check them out too!


Grunt Style, Soledier Socks, Battle Bars, Black Ink Coffee Company, Baret Bat & Glove Company, True Made Foods - tune in next week for Part 2!