Episode 17: Guest Interview with Nick Palmisciano, Ranger Up


In this episode of the Assault Forward podcast we interview Nick Palmisciano, the CEO and Founder of Ranger Up and Diesel Jack Media.  While we're pretty good at making 100% Made in America accessories and apparel for Veterans and Patriotic Americans, we're still getting the hang of this podcast thing and our audio quality with Nick isn't the best - that being said, the content is top notch and Nick drops some real insights into his transition out of the Army, business, becoming a Veteran entrepreneur, and shares the news about his latest project.  Give it a listen and our apologies for the quality of the recording.  We'll do better with our next guest, we promise!

Our Veteran Owned Business of the week is Ranger Up.  Visit them online at https://rangerup.com/ to see the latest on what Nick and the team have been up to!  Instagram

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