Episode 16: Rest and Relaxation


In this episode of the Assault Forward podcast we discuss the importance of taking R&R in the military and how that translates to why you should use those hard earned Vacation Days in the civilian world.  Setting an example as leaders and why  your team members will come back as better employees for having taken the time away from the business.  If you think you're too critical to the business to take time away - that's a real problem as well and we discuss why you should prepare your succession plan to ensure continuity of operations, just like how the chain of command works in the military.


Our Veteran Owned Business of the week is Patriot Beads & Brass.  Patriot Beads and Brass makes stunning bullet jewelry designs with high quality components. They use genuine Swarovski crystals and natural semi-precious gemstones. The website is https://patriotbeadsandbrass.com/ - This female Veteran Owned business is owned and operated by Ashley Spangberg, an Army Veteran of Iraq & Afghanistan.  Check them out and support this Veteran Owned business today!  Find Ashley on all social media @PatriotBeadsandBrass


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