Episode 12: Battle Rhythm in the Military and Business






A daily routine or order of business, especially as assumed by a military organization or during crisis.


In this episode we explore how the battle rhythm and processes we learned in the military apply to business and life.  Your calendar sets your priorities and it's important to set time aside regularly to not just execute the daily tasks but plan and layout your long range goals and vision for yourself and business.  And we share a little more than you probably ever wanted to know about custom designed bubble poly mailers!


Veteran Owned Business of the Week


We shout-out a business we think is doing good stuff each episode and this week we want to recognize: Charm City Spices – Fellow OIF Veteran and  Army Veteran Owner, Amechtre named her business after Baltimore “Charm City”. She was a Food Service Specialist in the military who took her culinary talents to this great spice business. Sweet, Savory, Herbs, and more – freshly made and handcrafted, check them out on social media https://www.facebook.com/CharmCitySpices & https://www.instagram.com/charmcityspices/ and shop online at: https://www.charmcityspices.com/