Episode 11: Veteran Entrepreneurship | Hard Work


The topic we get the most questions about is starting Assault Forward and becoming Veteran Entrepreneurs.  In this episode we discuss the adventure of starting your own business, boot-strapping, launching a minimum viable product using the Lean Startup methodology,  and being 100% responsible for the entire process from start to finish for all aspects of the venture.


https://assaultforward.us - as always, we invite you to visit our website to learn more about Assault Forward and our 100% Veteran Owned & Operated small business and check out our 100% Made in America products.  Use discount code "AFPodcast" to save 15% off any order.


We’re all about community and we want to use whatever platform we have to help lift up other Veteran Owned businesses, we’re going to shout-out a business we think is doing good stuff each episode and this week we want to call out Caisson Shaving. There website is https://caisson-shaving.com/ and they focus on premium shaving soaps and other grooming items. Not only is this another Veteran Owned company, but also a fellow Field Artilleryman, a Redleg, like us so of course we want to give them some love. If you’ve never tried shaving soaps instead of your cheap drugstore foams and gels and using a real razor blade – give them a try, you’re going to be pretty impressed! Caisson_Shaving on IG